Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch Pleat curtains are an elegant tailored design for formal windows in lounge, dining and bedrooms. The curtains have sewn-in pleats which are attached to the curtain track via pin hooks. The pleats create a fullness in the curtain that contributes to better blackout and privacy when required. They also act as an insulation barrier, keeping warm air in during winter and heat out during summer.


  • Pin hooks on curtains attach to slide carrier on curtain rail.
  • Headings consist of 100 mm interfacing folded into fabric prior to stitching
  • Headings can be made to sit under the curtain track or cover the track.
  • Three finger pinch pleats are spaced approximately 75 mm - 125 mm apart.
  • Fullness - standard or extra large.
  • Selvedge edges are removed or clipped before curtains are made.
  • Multiple widths joined using overlocked serged seams and safety stitch.
  • Hems: 100 mm single or double folded at bottom.
  • Side hems: 35 mm double turned folds.
  • Corners: square lead of weight 7 grams or continuous lead weight.
  • Blind stitched using complementary coloured thread (blackout is single stitched).

Download the CCB Pinch Pleat Curtain specification sheet.